Holyst, Janusz

Professor Dr. Janusz A. Holyst is a Full Professor at Faculty of Physics, War-
saw University of Technology where he leads a Center of Excellence of Complex Systems Reearch. His current research ¯eld includes models of emotions in cybercommunities, economic and social networks, collective bankruptcies, collective opinion formation, non-equilibrium statistical physics, cellular automata, self- organized criticality and phase transitions. He is one of the pioneers in applying physical methods to economical and social systems and is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Section Physics in Economy and Social Sciences of Polish Physical Society. He was a scienti¯c advisor of 7 completed Ph.D. thesis on nonlinear dynamics and complex systems. His list of publications includes over 120 papers (www.if.pw.edu.pl/ jholyst) in peer reviewed journals that have been cited over 800 times.


Faculty of Physics
Warsaw University of Technology