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Veslava Osinska - knowledge map makers visiting KSL

Related to the workshop "Modelling Knowledge Dynamics" Dr. Osinska from the Institute of Information Sciences and Book History, Torun, Poland who has worked on visualizing the emergence of classifications systems in scientific communication visited the KSL/VKS and discussed possibilties to use her method and tool to visualize categorization in the WIKIPEDIA.


Osińska, Veslava

Dr. Veslava Osińska works at the Institute of Information Science and Book Studies ( at the Nicolaus Copernicus University Torun, Poland. With an original background in physics she has published ground-breaking work about the visualization of classification systems.

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Mapping Controversy on Wikipedia: Morgan Currie at Knowledge Space Lab

Morgan Currie visited the Knowledge Space Lab Project to present and discuss her recent research on one of the controversial pages from Wikipedia, namely the entry on Feminist Critique. The talk focused both on the tools that she applied to map and visualize the changes in the content of the article, as well as on how to define ‘controversy’ as ‘an epistemological device’ in the context of Wikipedia and as a phenomenon in general.

Grant application

The Visual Navigator through Knowledge Spaces – visually searching the Wikipedia

What new tools are needed to understand contemporary knowledge structures? How can high level patterns in knowledge and information spaces be detected and mapped? Can we develop a generic tool for visual navigation in large databases with variable choice of dimensions and attributes to render high level patterns? This project addresses these questions by taking the case of the Wikipedia as an example of a contemporary knowledge structure which is particularly relevant to the humanities.

This grant application has been submitted to the "Computational Humanities Programme" of the KNAW.


Weingart, Scott

Conference/workshop presentation

First international presentation of the Knowledge Space Lab

Akdag, Almila, Krzysztof Suchecki, and Cheng Gao gave a presentation "Knowledge Space Lab – an introduction." at the workshop Modelling science (6-9 October 2009) at the Trippenhuis, Amsterdam.

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Richard Klavans and Kevin Boyack - science map makers at KSL

Dr. Richard Klavans and Dr. Kevin Boyack, SciTech Strategies Inc., U.S.A. visited the VKS on 6 October and had a discussion with members of the Knowledge Space Lab.

06/10/2009 - 06/01/2010,
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André Skupin - science map makers visiting KSL

Prof. André Skupin, Department of Geography, San Diego State University, U.S.A. visited the VKS on 5 October, 2009 and gave a presentation on Visualizing data by mean of self-organized maps.

Externally funded project

Knowledge Space Lab

The project “Knowledge Space Lab - mapping knowledge interactively” contributes to the new research area of mapping and modelling of science. The project addresses the difference between representing scholarly knowledge in (external) classification systems (such as thesauri, ontologies, bibliographic systems) and “internal” representations based on data- and user-tagging (such as network analysis, user annotations/tagging, folksonomies).

21/09/2009 - 01/03/2011

Science of Science: Conceptualizations and Models of Science

Call for a special issue in the Journal of Informetrics
This special issue of the Journal of Informetrics aims to improve our understanding of the structure and evolution of science by reviewing and advancing existing conceptualizations and models of scholarly activity. Existing conceptualizations and models of science have been created by scholars from very different disciplines and backgrounds. They have the form of

    01/05/2008 - 30/06/2010,
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