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Sociophysics and Infophysics

Serge Galam, a pioneer of the application of concepts and models from theoretical physics to social phenomena visited the VKS and discussed possibilities to better understand the survival of innovations (in a broad sense reaching from new ideas to new technologies) under unfavorite conditions. Serge who has contributed to understanding the dynamics of societal debates such as around global warming has recently also published in the field of scientometrics. See


Galam, Serge

Serge Galam est un scientifique français, physicien de formation. Directeur de recherche au CNRS, il travaille au sein du CREA de l'école polytechnique. Physicien, théoricien du désordre. Fondateur de la sociophysique.

Ecoole Politechnique CNRS

Holyst, Janusz

Professor Dr. Janusz A. Holyst is a Full Professor at Faculty of Physics, War-

Faculty of Physics
Warsaw University of Technology
Conference/workshop organization

Second Annual Meeting - Physics of Competition and Conflicts

The COST MP0801 network seeks to promote research interdisciplinary interchanges (physics, sociology, economics, etc) centered around the concepts of agents, games, and networks. Applications of interest to members include competition between firms, mergers and acquisitions, evolutionary dynamics, cultural change and transportation networks, etc.

Scientific advisiory committee
Peter Richmond, Ireland, (Chair)
Janusz Holyst, Poland, (Vize-Chair)
Andrea Scharnhorst, The Netherlands
Christophe Marie Deissenberg, F'rance

26/05/2010 - 28/05/2010,
Conference/workshop organization

Physics of Socio-economic Systems Division at the DPG Spring Conference 2010

The Physics of Socio-economic Systems Division has an interesting programme covering different modelling techniques such as evolutionary game theory or complex network theory applied to areas as diverse as social group dynamics and opinion formation; financial markets; collaborative structures in open source code development; traffic dynamics or science dynamics.
Andrea chaired a session on Social Systems, Opinion and Group Dynamics on Tuesday, March 23.
The full programm of the division can be found here

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