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Conference/workshop presentation

Research diversity - 3

Andrea Scharnhorst has participated, as invited expert, in a meeting on "Research diversity and bibliometrics", September 30-October1, 2011 organized by the Institute for Library and Information Sciences, Humboldt-University Berlin. She gave a talk on "Evolution of the category system in wikipedia" (Based on work of the Knowledge Space Lab).

30/09/2011 - 01/10/2011,
Grant acquisition

Witnessing the emergence of curatorial practices on an Online Social Network Site

In April Almila Akdag Salah will visit the Complex Systems Research Laboratory (SoSLab) lead by Prof. Dr. Haluk Bingol, Department of Computer Engineering, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey. This visit is founded by an STSM grant of the COST MP0801 network.

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