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Conference report: The Unexpected Conference - Sociophysics - COST MP0801

The “Unexpected Conference” in Paris, November 14-16, 2011 brought together more than 35 researchers from Europe, North and South America, and Asia to present current research in the field of sociophysics.
The conference was organized by Serge Galam at CREA – Centre de Recherche en Épistémologie Appliquée (CREA) at École Polytechnique and CNRS.

The presentations can be found at

Andrea gave an invited presentation "Unexpected use of physics – some examples from information sciences"

13/11/2011 - 16/11/2011,

Galam, Serge

Serge Galam est un scientifique français, physicien de formation. Directeur de recherche au CNRS, il travaille au sein du CREA de l'école polytechnique. Physicien, théoricien du désordre. Fondateur de la sociophysique.

Ecoole Politechnique CNRS
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What do have financial transactions, on-line markets and web-based encyclopedias in common?

Peter Richmond, chair of the COST action "Physics of Competition and Conflicts" visited the Knowledge Space Lab and the Virtual Knowledge Studio from June 9-10, 2010. He gave a talk about possible "toy models" to explain strange regularities in statistical features of stock markets. Interestingly, complex systems of different nature express similar statistical properties. Statistical physics has developed an apparatus to analyze phenomena as phase transitions (sudden changes in the overall system behavior) and statistical fingerprints of non-linear interactions.

09/06/2010 - 10/06/2010,

Holyst, Janusz

Professor Dr. Janusz A. Holyst is a Full Professor at Faculty of Physics, War-

Faculty of Physics
Warsaw University of Technology

Joining forces - becoming visioneers

Scientists with a background in mathematics, physics, computer sciences and information sciences join forces to develop visions about how to better understand and maybe even influence complex social systems.
A project at the ETH Zurich invites scholars from all disciplines to submit ideas, comments, problems and possible projects.

knowledge accelerator

Suchecki, Krzysztof

Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and the Social Sciences, KNAW
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