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Veslava Osinska - knowledge map makers visiting KSL

Related to the workshop "Modelling Knowledge Dynamics" Dr. Osinska from the Institute of Information Sciences and Book History, Torun, Poland who has worked on visualizing the emergence of classifications systems in scientific communication visited the KSL/VKS and discussed possibilties to use her method and tool to visualize categorization in the WIKIPEDIA.

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Transcending Boundaries in Europe in the Period of the Belle Epoque: Organizing Knowledge, Mobilizing Networks, and Effecting Social Change

The Knowledge Space Lab team attends a conferences at the Mundaneum where science historians shed light on the personal, intellectual and institutional networks around knowledge organization in the age of industrialization and globalization.
See for the conference programme.
We have used the occasion to display parts of the Places and Spaces exhibition of Katy Boerner.

19/05/2010 - 21/05/2010,
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