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Conference/workshop organization

Second Annual Meeting - Physics of Competition and Conflicts

The COST MP0801 network seeks to promote research interdisciplinary interchanges (physics, sociology, economics, etc) centered around the concepts of agents, games, and networks. Applications of interest to members include competition between firms, mergers and acquisitions, evolutionary dynamics, cultural change and transportation networks, etc.

Scientific advisiory committee
Peter Richmond, Ireland, (Chair)
Janusz Holyst, Poland, (Vize-Chair)
Andrea Scharnhorst, The Netherlands
Christophe Marie Deissenberg, F'rance

26/05/2010 - 28/05/2010,

Richmond, Peter

Peter Richmond trained as a theoretical physicist and has wide experience of research, technology, innovation and management within both academic and commercial environments. He is a Principal with EPM Associates Ltd, a research management and technology consulting company. He has been Visiting Professor in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland since 1998. He is currently chairing the COST Action MP0801 Physics of Competition and Conflicts.

Trinity College Dublin
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