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Galam, Serge

Serge Galam est un scientifique français, physicien de formation. Directeur de recherche au CNRS, il travaille au sein du CREA de l'école polytechnique. Physicien, théoricien du désordre. Fondateur de la sociophysique.

Ecoole Politechnique CNRS
Conference/workshop presentation

Future Internet and Society: A Complex Systems Perspective

Andrea participated at an ESF-COST High-Level Research Conference: Future Internet and Society: A Complex Systems Perspective, 2-7 October 2010, Hotel Villa del Mare, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy. Organized by Romualdo Pastor-Satorras and Claudio Castellan the conference brought together experts from physics, computer sciences and social sciences to discuss future research agendas around the Internet as an object of study in different fields. Andrea gave an evening lecture titled "Web science or web research?

04/10/2010 - 07/10/2010,
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What do have financial transactions, on-line markets and web-based encyclopedias in common?

Peter Richmond, chair of the COST action "Physics of Competition and Conflicts" visited the Knowledge Space Lab and the Virtual Knowledge Studio from June 9-10, 2010. He gave a talk about possible "toy models" to explain strange regularities in statistical features of stock markets. Interestingly, complex systems of different nature express similar statistical properties. Statistical physics has developed an apparatus to analyze phenomena as phase transitions (sudden changes in the overall system behavior) and statistical fingerprints of non-linear interactions.

09/06/2010 - 10/06/2010,
Conference/workshop organization

Second Annual Meeting - Physics of Competition and Conflicts

The COST MP0801 network seeks to promote research interdisciplinary interchanges (physics, sociology, economics, etc) centered around the concepts of agents, games, and networks. Applications of interest to members include competition between firms, mergers and acquisitions, evolutionary dynamics, cultural change and transportation networks, etc.

Scientific advisiory committee
Peter Richmond, Ireland, (Chair)
Janusz Holyst, Poland, (Vize-Chair)
Andrea Scharnhorst, The Netherlands
Christophe Marie Deissenberg, F'rance

26/05/2010 - 28/05/2010,

Models of science dynamics - encounters between complexity theory and information sciences

This book aims to review and describe major threads in mathematical modelling of the science system. The model classes we aim to cover are stochastic and statistical models, system dynamics approaches, agent-based simulations, population dynamics models, complex network models. This list should not be understood as exclusive. Other topics relevant in the context of the book are: Social network analysis and sociological models; entropy and information measures; role of geographic models; modelling individual scientific biographies; etc.

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