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CEDAR - Census data open linked – From fragment to fabric – Dutch census data in a web of global cultural and historic information

The research project “Census data open linked – CEDAR – From fragment to fabric – Dutch census data in a web of global cultural and historic information”, one of the projects of the Computational Humanities program of the KNAW, was awarded and will be launched in the autumn of 2011.

Within CEDAR two PhD students and a postdoc will work for more than four years together on the semantic access of data from the Dutch census of the last two centuries. The PhD students are supervised by Frank van Harmelen (VU) and Kees Mandemakers (IISG / Erasmus University Rotterdam).


"Natural communities"

Large scale structural analysis of networks often reveals beautiful pattern. But it is not always easy to interpret the results. At an expert meeting on “Diversity of research” a current project at the Humboldt University Frank Havemann gave a paper about so-called “natural communities”. The algorithm for clustering they propose starts from a certain strongly connected part of the network (a clique). The case they test method on is the field of Information Science. As a result one gets different “views” of groups or clusters on their intellectual environment.

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Grant application

The Visual Navigator through Knowledge Spaces – visually searching the Wikipedia

What new tools are needed to understand contemporary knowledge structures? How can high level patterns in knowledge and information spaces be detected and mapped? Can we develop a generic tool for visual navigation in large databases with variable choice of dimensions and attributes to render high level patterns? This project addresses these questions by taking the case of the Wikipedia as an example of a contemporary knowledge structure which is particularly relevant to the humanities.

This grant application has been submitted to the "Computational Humanities Programme" of the KNAW.


Suchecki, Krzysztof

Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and the Social Sciences, KNAW

DUONET Simulation tool

This is page where DuoNet simulation tool will be available.

The page is not finished. DuoNet will be available soon.

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Science of Science: Conceptualizations and Models of Science

Call for a special issue in the Journal of Informetrics
This special issue of the Journal of Informetrics aims to improve our understanding of the structure and evolution of science by reviewing and advancing existing conceptualizations and models of scholarly activity. Existing conceptualizations and models of science have been created by scholars from very different disciplines and backgrounds. They have the form of

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