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Conference/workshop organization

Physics of Socio-economic Systems Division at the DPG Spring Conference 2010

The Physics of Socio-economic Systems Division has an interesting programme covering different modelling techniques such as evolutionary game theory or complex network theory applied to areas as diverse as social group dynamics and opinion formation; financial markets; collaborative structures in open source code development; traffic dynamics or science dynamics.
Andrea chaired a session on Social Systems, Opinion and Group Dynamics on Tuesday, March 23.
The full programm of the division can be found here

Conference/workshop organization

Encounter between scientometrics and physics – Following the actors: individual and collective behavior in epistemic landscapes

Andrea gave an invited talk at the Spring conference of the German Physical Society (March 21-26, 2010, Regensburg) in a special focus session on Science of Science organized by the Physics of Socio-economic Systems Division. In her presentation she discusses how methods from physics can be used in information sciences, more specifically in scientometrics; and what are current hot problems in studying the sciences.

Models of science can take very different forms from conceptual models
based on historical and ethnographic observations to mathematical

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