Modelling Knowledge Dynamics

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Modelling Knowledge Dynamics

In the frame of the COST action MP0801 " Physics of Competition and Conflicts" an international workshop on "Modelling Knowledge Dynamics" took place at the VKS, October 9-10, organized by Andrea Scharnhorst. About 30 participants discussed methods of mapping, measuring, and modelling processes of knowledge creation in the sciences. As a follow-up event of the last year's workshop on Modelling Science Dynamics authors of an upcoming book " Modelling Science Dynamics" (Springer Complexity Series) presented their reviews of models of different types: such as Lotka-Volterra and epidemic models, network models (rooted in the social network analysis tradition as well in the more recent complex networks stream), evolutionary game theory and agent-based modelling. Among the experts for and developers of maps and models of the sciences questions have been discussed as the right choice of the unit of analysis, the relation between analytical results and the role of simulations; strategies of model validation and data collection; and possible translation between different mathematical model approaches. Remarkable was an increasing interest in applying available mapping and modelling tools as heuristic devices to study newly emerging field or phenomena at the border between different disciplines. Both for the further development as well for the application of maps and models it remains important to also reflect and communicate explicitly about the epistemic grounds on which simulations, maps and models have been original developed. To understand them is important for a successful travel of these research methods in new areas of application and among different scientific disciplines.

Programme and presentation of the workshop can be found here

At the workshop the Knowledge Space Lab team presented a paper titled "The dynamics of knowledge organization".

09/10/2010 - 10/10/2010,
Locations: Amsterdam
Institutions: Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and the Social Sciences, KNAW

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